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Edward Sterling, 20th-century U.S. ophthalmologist. See: Munson sign.
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Titus Munson Coan to the latter's mother, written while a student at Williams College over thirty years ago, and fortunately preserved by her.
Titus Munson Coan, whose familiarity with the languages of the Pacific has enabled me to harmonise the spelling of foreign words in 'Typee' and'Omoo,' though without changing the phonetic method of printing adopted by Mr.
The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas announced that Munson Ski and Marine, Volo, Ill.
About 18 months ago Ryan Munson took what he describes as a leap of faith, leaving his job as a stockbroker and financial advisor.
David Munson, the new president of Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, plans to build upon RIT's strategic plan, "Greatness Through Difference.
The investigation's was primarily centered around Jerry Munson,  a long-time city worker who served as the crew leader in a specific branch of the maintenance team known as the "liner crew.
Munson and Lague have tried to capture both the intellectual excitement and the moral seriousness of contemporary bioethical debate, and particularly seek to make that debate accessible and engaging for readers outside of academic contexts.
Vic Perez/Nikolai Nahorniak defeated Dave and Mike Munson to win the open doubles 21-17, 21-16.
He has been head durveyor for Munson Engineers, Inc.
WHEN SIAN Munson worked as a women's health nurse at Linton Army Camp, she not infrequently heard women who were lesbian saying they didn't need cervical screening.
Dave Munson, founder of Saddleback Leather and outspoken opponent of the practice of knocking off someone elses original designs has admitted in a tell-all video this week to copying another Designer in several popular designs.
Munson, was deployed as the Chief of Planning (J5) to the mission for one year in 2011 and 2012.