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Edward Sterling, 20th-century U.S. ophthalmologist. See: Munson sign.
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Titus Munson Coan to the latter's mother, written while a student at Williams College over thirty years ago, and fortunately preserved by her.
Titus Munson Coan, whose familiarity with the languages of the Pacific has enabled me to harmonise the spelling of foreign words in 'Typee' and'Omoo,' though without changing the phonetic method of printing adopted by Mr.
With more materials and colors added to the production schedule, Omnova invested in a second, smaller Munson mixer with a capacity of 5000 lb.
Peter Munson, 42, pulled alongside the women's car at 60mph on the M1, then the A46, near Leicester.
The meters are rapidly gaining acceptance among BOMA Chicago members, according to Metropolitan Energy CEO Michael Munson. The association's approximately 267 member buildings represent a wide variety of metering technology and techniques, from sophisticated systems to standard displays offering basic services.
In 1977, he helped write Thurman Munson's autobiography, and now, more than three decades later, he has produced a much fuller and more satisfying biography.
"As with most first novels, The November Criminals contains some repurposing of life experience," explains the Wall Street Journal in its generally positive review of Sam Munson's debut.
It pulls no punches in assessing the inside story of a broadcaster and his fans, analyzing the 'voice' of Georgia football experience and charting Munson's rise to fame.
Bill Procida, of William Procida, and Lee Munson, chief investment officer with Portfolio, spoke with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo about whether this outlook is too pessimistic.
One of the best-known nurserymen in the late 19th century was Thomas Volney Munson, who created more than 300 grape varieties at his nursery in Denison, Texas, and who is the subject of a new edition of a substantive book.
Grape man of Texas; Thomas Volney Munson and the origins of American viticulture, rev.ed.
Last December in this journal, Terry Munson offered up a unique analysis of benchtop cleaning.