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Henry, British surgeon, 1745-1831. See: Park aneurysm.


William H., U.S. bacteriologist, 1863-1939. See: Park-Williams fixative.


Cardiology A clinical trial–Post-Angioplasty Restenosis Ketanserin that evaluated ketanserin in preventing restenosis post PCTA in Pts with CAD. See Coronary artery disease, Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty Ophthalmology See Photorefractive astigmatic keratectomy, see there.

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Q. Is forgetting where you parked your car a sign of a memory problem? Is forgetting where you parked your car a sign of a memory problem? Should you be concerned and consult your doctor about it?

A. This is a common concern that adults voice. However, I wouldn’t be concerned if it is just that. Forgetting where you parked your car is more a problem of inattention than of memory. Adults compared to the young are less good at Divided Attention. They are not as good at simultaneously thinking about an issue and paying attention to where they parked their car. They tend not to pay attention to where they are parked and not register this information in their mind in the first place. What you do not pay attention to, you cannot expect to remember. The solution is to make a habit of paying attention to where you are parked. Take a good look at the surroundings before you leave the parking lot and then you will notice fewer incidence of the problem.

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The first one was even out of a Riverman mare, Mungo Park having been the first westerner to encounter the River Niger.
With this disarming apercu, Robin Hanbury-Tenison introduces a beautifully illustrated volume of biographical essays, covering explorers of world renown--Magellan, Mungo Park, Stanley, Livingstone and others--alongside some (to this reviewer, anyway) less familiar names.
The intrepid Scottish explorer Mungo Park was another early climber before his African escapades.
Take Mungo Park to win the five-furlong Coral Sprint at Newcastle today on his first start for new connections.
Mungo Park, a new Internet adventure magazine from the Microsoft Network, this week began publishing accounts of the Tekeze trip, expected to wrap up Sept.
And while the East drew many of these remarkable individuals, others chose instead to open up the 'dark' continent of Africa--James Bruce, who became doctor to the emperor of Abyssinia, Mungo Park, who endured terrible hardships exploring West Africa, John Hanning Speke, Burton's sometime colleague and rival, Verney Lovett Cameron, a Royal Naval officer and the first European to make an east west crossing of Africa, missionary/explorer David Livingstone (who penetrated deeper inland from the Cape than any other explorer and was the first European to cross the Kalahari), and Livingstone's 'discoverer' Henry Morton Stanley, who set out to discover the source of the Nile (and succeeded).
But on his most recent outing just over a week ago at Newcastle, Lago Di Varano proved conclusively that he remains in the best of heart when holding off all bar Mungo Park close home.
Armchair travelers can follow the exploits of adventure travel pioneer Richard Bangs with Mungo Park, a new on-line travel magazine that premieres Sept.
com Web site as the site's Creative Lead, banner advertising for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Events site, Windows 95 Games site, Windows 95 Partner site and promotional materials for Microsoft Mungo Park and Expedia.
Down the Niger on the trail of Mungo Park (LECTURE, SWINDON)
Michael Dods, trainer of Storyteller and Mungo Park