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Karl F.H. von, German nobleman, soldier, and raconteur, 1720-1797. See: Munchausen syndrome, Munchausen syndrome by proxy.
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Este metodo apeliano parece escapar del trilema de Munchhausen.
3) Asher named the condition after Karl Friedrich Hieronymous von Munchhausen (the anglicized spelling of the name is different from the German version), an 18th century (1720-1797) German baron and one-time mercenary officer in the Russian cavalry who was purported to be a teller of wildly exaggerated tales--a claim that itself may have been exaggerated.
The French have been billeted for the last four weeks at Castle Munchhausen, near the town of Hamelin, and the Pied Piper didn't harbour as much of a grudge against the burgh's welshing paymasters as Les Bleus squad are clearly nurturing against their media.
They were all there on the banks of Germany's River Weser: The Pied Piper, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel and that celebrated teller of tall tales, Baron von Munchhausen.
This is what Tucker has in mind with his metaphor of historical practice "bootstrapping" itself: the discussion with other historians and the rules guiding this discussion are, so to speak, the bootstraps with which the historian may lift himself out of the epistemological morass of the past itself, much in the way that Baron Hieronymus von Munchhausen claimed to have done in his famous book of 1786, Wunderbare Reisen zu Wasser und zu Lande: Feldzuge und lustige Abenteuer des Freiherrn von Munchhausen (Wonderful trips by water and by land; campaigns and delightful adventures of Baron von Munchhausen).
This biography tells the fascinating story of a man regarded by himself as an 'heroic idealist and liberator' and by others as a Don Quixote, Napoleon or Baron Munchhausen.
And more money was spent on the production of Ohm Kruger than on any other film of the period except Kolberg and Munchhausen (Albrecht 417-29), indicating that it assumed a special position in the ministry's anti-British program.
18) What the Baron von Munchhausen once did--to pull himself up by his own hair out of a swamp--now appears to be impossible.
Having pulled ourselves (mostly, like Baron Munchhausen, by our bootstraps) from one confusion, we immediately land in another.
La fabulacion guerrillera junta a la Biblia como un "arma fundamental" con los cocteles Molotov en una imagen alucinante del pueblo victorioso, sacada probablemente de los relatos de Vietcong mediatizados por el baron Munchhausen, o al reves ("Autodefensa en la aldea", especialmente 156-66; vease tambien Burgos, "Memoria" 51, 55, y Schirmer 171).
Here the Grimms gathered material for the story about the legendary Lugenbaron (Lying Baron) von Munchhausen, famous for his outrageous tales, who really did come from nearby Bodenwerder, another charming old town.
She was diagnosed with Munchhausen by proxye, where the sufferer harms someone else to gain attention.