Munchausen by proxy syndrome

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Baron Karl Friedrich Hieronymus von, German soldier and adventurer, 1720-1797.
Münchausen by proxy syndrome - a parent, usually knowledgeable about or experienced in health care, harming a child in order to gain the attention of healthcare providers.
Münchausen syndrome - repeated fabrication of clinically convincing simulations of disease for the purpose of gaining medical attention. Synonym(s): Albatross syndrome
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Mun·chau·sen by prox·y syn·drome

(mūnchow-zĕn proksē sindrōm)
Form of child maltreatment or abuse inflicted by a caretaker (usually the mother) with fabrications of symptoms and/or induction of signs of disease, leading to unnecessary investigations and interventions, with occasional serious health consequences, including death of the child.
Synonym(s): factitious illness by proxy.
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Angela and Rob Darroch, from Billingham, have now been reunited with 15-month-old Archie following their nightmare ordeal which saw Angela wrongly diagnosed with Munchausen by proxy syndrome.