Mummified Cell

Liver A fanciful term for degenerated reddish apoptotic hepatocytes seen in acute hepatitis. The preferred term is apoptotic cell
Lymph node A large effete, degenerated cell that may represent involuting Reed-Sternberg cells seen in the diffuse subtype of lymphocyte predominant Hodgkin’s disease
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Higher power examination of the nodular areas revealed numerous large, highly atypical cells (Figure 1(d)) with a variety of morphologies (Figures 1(j)-1(r)) including lacunar cells, multinucleated cells, markedly hyperchromatic cells, mummified cells, Reed-Sternberg-like cells, and popcorn cells.
High power examination (400x) of areas seen in (i) and (d) shows the variety of morphologies of the large atypical cells (j-r) with (j) lacunar cells, (k) multinucleated cells, (l) markedly hyperchromatic cells with dense eosinophilic cytoplasm, (m,n) bizarre cells with eosinophilic nucleoli, (o) Reed-Sternberg-like cells with smudgy eosinophilic nucleoli and dense ampophilic cytoplasm, (p) mummified cells, (q) large atypical cells with multiple clear nuclei, and (r) popcorn-like cells with small nucleoli.