see Dipsticks.
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Tenders are invited for Multistix 10 Sg Pk Of 100 Strips
Multistix contains tetrabromophenol blue indicator for protein detection with a buffer to maintain the pH at a constant level.
Glucose, pH and protein measurements were done by Multistix dipstick method.
Additionally, no charge is rendered for the use of malaria rapid diagnostic kits or urinalysis multistix donated through GPN.
Utility of the Multistix 10 SG[R] reagent strips in the diagnosis of peritonitis in peritoneal dialysis
This study analyzed Siemens' MULTISTIX 10 SG urine reagent strips, Roche Diagnostics' CHEMSTRIP 10 MD, and Diagnostic Test Group's Clarity UROCHECK 10SG to determine product integrity after exposure to room air, a condition that can occur if the strip containers are not closed after use as directed by the manufacturer.
Urine analysis was performed at the clinic with Multistix 10SG reagent strips and read on a Clinilek 100 that was calibrated daily.
Small traces of blood and biochemicals can be found by using reagent strips/dipsticks such as Multistix.
Multistix PRO reagent strips assess the risk for kidney disease by measuring the concentration of protein in urine.
It can be detected by the blue colour reaction with a chloracetate stain impregnated in a dipstick pad (Ames Multistix 8SG, Bayer Diagnostics) [27].
Just before undergoing polysomnography, each patient had a urinalysis performed using the dipstick method (Ames, Multistix, Miles Laboratory, Inc, Elkhart, Ind).