Multisport Athlete

An athlete who competes in more than one sport—e.g., swimming, cycling, running—usually in sequence; often the individual sports are practised separately and raced jointly
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Rabah Kino (Lebanon): An all-time champion, in one sport or another A multisport athlete, Rabah Kino from Lebanon has excelled at both summer sports, including roller-skating and winter sports, mainly specializing in alpine skiing.
But after Ennis-Hill took a break from the sport last year to raise a family, Johnson-Thompson came to the fore as the country's premiere multisport athlete.
The multisport athlete also was a member of the 2012 Oregon softball team that played in the Women's College World Series and has been a member of two Pac-12 outdoor track and field team titles.
WINDHOEK--25 April 2012--California-based elite multisport athlete and journalist, Jessi Stensland, has joined the first North American team to participate in Namibia's six-day Namib Quest Extreme Mountain Bike race from 29 April to 04 May.
Born and raised in Columbus, Georgia, Bill was an accomplished multisport athlete who had quite a collegiate football career at Ole Miss, catching passes from Archie Manning.
Of course, virtually every multisport athlete is going to train at a level that far exceeds those recommendations.
As daunting as it sounds, the feat takes on another incredible layer when you consider that, at age 16, the promising high school football star and multisport athlete was gunned down on the streets of Brooklyn in a random drive-by shooting.
Brodeur was an Auburn High Student Council president and multisport athlete.
But Whisenant was a multisport athlete at Mohawk - including first-team all-league as a center on the football team - and he knew a thing or two about getting in shape.
Also, a multisport athlete who participated in both a fall sport and a winter sport will not have to pay a fee to participate in a spring sport.
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