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(uppercase) Minor lymphocyte stimulatting gene. Any of a family of genes encoded by mouse mammary tumour viruses (MMTV), the protein products of which (known as “superantigens”) are capable of stimulating proliferation of CD4 T cells in mixed lymphocyte cultures.

(lowercase) Minor lymphocyte stimulating antigen. A cell surface molecule first identified in mice which is immunogenic for unprimed T cells.


Abbreviation for medical language specialist.


medical laboratory science; medical laboratory scientist.
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For example, when one major computer system failed to deliver the promised multilevel security, major Air Force sites had to clear many users and make multimillion dollar purchases of additional equipment.
do not consider multilevel security in the sense that we do here - their propositional facts are either secret or nonsecret - but their techniques could certainly be applied to MLS relational databases.
This new ClusterStor solution has end-to-end consolidation, management and world-class support offering unparalleled capability and investment protection together with the new multilevel security upgrades.
Each device in the system can be administered through a Java-based system-administration tool supporting customized server names, simplified creation of user profiles and multilevel security of server environments.
Multilevel security provided by WebFocus includes authentication to verify the individual's identity, authorization to control what categories of information can be accessed and application-level security to restrict access at the "row and column" level.
Multilevel security (MLS) systems, working within the framework of a total security policy, can provide more secure and cost-effective methods of managing information.
Access control: authentication and authorization, password-based security, ACLs and capabilities, multilevel security and compartments, covert channels and inference control, security models such as BLP and Biba's model, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems
To ensure the effectiveness of the ITDZ Berlin used multilevel security gateway concept, purpose products from different manufacturers can be used.
Some of the issues faced by communications technologies include interoperability, bandwidth, multilevel security, scalability, electronic counter measures, and collaboration across multiple weapons.
After months of competitive technology review, Ausol chose TransCore technology based on TransCore's 99 + percent transaction accuracy, essential for financial exchanges; multilevel security encryption, which other sticker tag technology does not provide; proven multiprotocol sticker tag technology with a global distribution of more than 15 million eGo and eGo Plus transponders; and the company's 15-year history in Argentina through its regional affiliate SIC TransCore Latin America.
Also, for additional security needs, customers will also be able to take advantage of multilevel security through SELinux, run-time memory protection through grsecurity and several system recovery tools.
The MaxCube8230X is specifically designed to meet the demanding multilevel security and mass storage requirements of military servers and similar configurations for deployment in poor environmental conditions", states Bruce Imsand, CEO and Founder of MaxVision Inc.

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