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By applying the technology that generates RH850 multicore code from the Simulink control mode to multirate control, it has become possible to directly generate multicore code, even from models that include multiple periods, such as engine control.
Therefore, the power consumption of compression program on given commercial multicore platform can be predicted with idea of Amdahl's law and performance metrics.
Line 1 tags the following function as OS task using TASK macro, which is defined in the multicore RTA-OS header files.
On comparing the bond strength of the tested two resin systems (MultiCore Flow Core BuildUp and self-adhesive RelyX-Unicem), in association with the three irrigant solutions (5.25%; 2.5% sodium hypochlorite; saline), respectively, there were no significant differences between the adhesive systems groups.
In this section, we first give an overview over our multicore architecture including the different used components.
Since its introduction in late 2012, Loctite Multicore HF 212 has been steadily enabling more robust printing processes at manufacturers around the globe.
The research relies on Space Division Multiplexed (SDM) provided by the multicore fibres and on Software Defined Network (SDN) control, which are considered promising solutions to fulfil and control the ever-increasing demand for data consumption in communication networks.
But now, thanks to xTIMEcomposer, it has never been easier for users of conventional MCUs to move to multicore technology.
A multicore processor is an integrated circuit (IC) to which two or more processors have been attached for enhanced performance, reduced power consumption, and more efficient simultaneous processing of multiple tasks [3].
"Advantech is accelerating the evolution of video platforms through our innovative DSP solutions based on TI multicore processors, which provide unrivaled processing capability for advanced video codec enablement." said David Lin, senior director of DSP and video solutions at Advantech.
Infineon Technologies AG ( unveiled a new set of 32-bit multicore microcontrollers for a variety of powertrain and safety applications that's said to operate at twice the speed of its predecessors.
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