orbitalis (muscle)

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or·bi·ta·lis (mus·cle)

a rudimentary nonstriated muscle, crossing the infraorbital groove and sphenomaxillary fissure, intimately united with the periosteum of the orbit.
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Aproclonidine, an alpha-2-adrenergic agonist, produces a lid elevation by sympathetic stimulation of the Muller muscle, but its therapeutic use is limited due to tachyphylaxis (7-12).
For mild-to-moderate ptosis with levator function over 5 mm, various surgical procedures can be applied, such as the Muller muscle conjunctival resection, shortening of the levator palpebrae, or levator muscle advancement.
Before we removed the levator complex, which contains the levator aponeurosis and the Muller muscle, we recalculated the amount of the complex needed for removal using remeasurements after releasing the adhesion in combination with the preoperative measurement.
The normal adult upper lid is highest nasal to the pupil and covers 1-1.5 mm below the superior limbus.1,2 The basic etiology of ptosis is weakness of either of two elevators of the upper lid that include levator palpebrae superioris and muller muscle. Ptosis can be categorized into congenital and acquired subtypes.
These various surgical procedures such as Muller muscle resection, Fasnella Servat procedure, levator aponeurosis advancement, levator resection and brow suspension are performed considering into account primarily the levator function.9,10
(90) reported that a single dose of 20 U of Dysport injected transcutaneously at the central superior tarsal border into the levator aponeurosis and Muller muscle was a safe and effective treatment.