Muellerius capillaris

Muel·le·ri·us cap·il·la·ris

(mū-ler'ē-ŭs kap'i-lā'ris),
One of the most common species of hair lungworms (subfamily Protostrongylinae) of sheep, goats, and deer. It is smaller than Dictyocaulus, inhabits the smaller bronchi and lung parenchyma, and is relatively nonpathogenic to its host.


a genus of nematodes in the family Protostrongylidae.

Muellerius capillaris
the common lungworm of sheep; occurs also in goat and chamois. In sheep the worm causes little harm, but in goats it may cause dyspnea and cough and occasionally severe interstitial pneumonia.
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filaria, Protostrongylus rufescens, and Muellerius capillaris.