Muellerius capillaris

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Muel·le·ri·us cap·il·la·ris

(mū-ler'ē-ŭs kap'i-lā'ris),
One of the most common species of hair lungworms (subfamily Protostrongylinae) of sheep, goats, and deer. It is smaller than Dictyocaulus, inhabits the smaller bronchi and lung parenchyma, and is relatively nonpathogenic to its host.
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Dentro de los parasitos pulmonares del ganado vacuno se encuentran Dictyocaulus viviparus, Dictyocaulus filaria, Muellerius capillaris y Protostrongylus rufescens, los cuales pertenece a la subfamilia de los Trichoestrongilos (Panuska 2006), los cuales tienen distribucion mundial
In goats Muellerius capillaris is the most common lung worm.
Also there are other reports of contamination to Protostrongylus rufescent, cystocaulus ocreatus and Muellerius capillaries [2].
of 400 total lungs, 63 cases (15.6%) were suffered from Protostrongylus rufescent and finally, of 400 total lungs, 25 cases (6.2%) were infected by Muellerius capillaries (table 1).
[10] on ewe revealed that prostrongyloides family monopolized highest contamination and among this family cystocaulus with 24.6% had maximum prevalence, after it, Protostrongylus, Muellerius capillaries and Neostrongylus with 12.8, 9 and 8.8% occupied in next classes, respectively.
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