Mud Therapy

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Therapeutic use of certain earths which allegedly contain trace elements missing from the modern diet
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Stan started a 15-day course of intensive massage and mud therapy which involved being buried in a huge vat of steaming mud and then being hosed down with hot and cold water.
mud therapy is efficient in alleviate the symptoms of CRPS.
There's a sauna, steam room and Rasul mud therapy room along with indoor and outdoor heated pools.
The spa's Detoxifying Mud Therapy may sound a bit messy, but it will leave your skin feeling smooth and renourished while your body will feel cleansed and refreshed.
As mud therapy becomes more popular, it is well worth discovering if your local health farm offers a treatment package.
DIANA also tried mud therapy to help tone up her skin at Louison Bobet Clinic, on Spain's Costa del Sol.
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A RASUL mud therapy and back massage with a soothing soak in the hot tub follow country pursuits at Lake Vyrnwy Hotel in Powys.
Also, for instance, does the terms mud and mud therapy are synonymous of the terms peloid and pelotherapy?
Lots of beauty treatments including mud therapy, volcanic earth wraps, aloe vera and almond oil wraps, and their latest treatment - chocolate (yes chocolate!) wraps.
Various methodical techniques were developed: baths, applications, abdominal procedures, local baths for hands and feet, combined techniques mud cure (galvanomud cure, diathermomudtherapy, electro-and phonophoresis of mud solution, magnetic and mud therapy etc.).