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Relating to the mucosa or mucous membrane.
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Relating to the mucosa or mucous membrane.
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Refers to tissues that produce mucus, such as the digestive, genital and urinary tracts.
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Q. what is fragments of endocervical glandular mucosa with inflammation and squamous metaplasia fragments of endocervical glandular mucosa

A. It means that part of the mucose on the cervix area has changes from a certain kind of mucose cells to another, and that there is a bit of an inflammation around it. This should be brought to the knowledge of a gynecologist and be monitored by him/her.

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Factors contributing to the development of mucosal melanoma remain largely undefined, although an association with melanosis is possible.
A previous study (19) found that Shenfu injection (SI) regulates oxidative stress in the intestinal mucosal epithelial cells, suppresses apoptosis, and repairs tight junctions between epithelial cells to maintain the mechanical integrity of the intestinal mucosa in rats with sepsis.
In these patients DCR was done with our mucosal flaps stabilization technique using Merocel tamponade.
IgM clumped up the virus, preventing it from crossing the mucosal barrier and spreading to the rest of the body.
In CD, results reported statistically significant higher 12-month cumulative rates of mucosal healing (50% vs 41%), and numerically higher rates of clinical remission (38% vs 34%) and steroid-free clinical remission (26% vs 18%) compared to TNF?-antagonist therapy.
In total, 84.6% (22/26) of patients taking enteric-coated aspirin suffered both gastric and small intestinal injuries, and gastric and intestinal mucosal injury were significantly associated (Spearman correlation coefficient, 0.662, P < 0.001).
We have recently shown that NoV GII.4 VLPs induce protective IgA antibodies in mucosal lavages of mice immunized via intranasal (IN), but not IM, route [9].
The effects of PGE were studied on gastric ulceration and gastric mucosal MPO in CRS-induced GU rats while gastric ulceration and cytokines, TNF-[alpha] and IL-1[beta], and VEGF were studied in EtOH-induced GU.
lactis and host gastrointestinal mucosal tract was explained.
The primary endpoint was complete mucosal healing in 8 weeks, and secondary endpoints included changes in the number of GI erosions.
Keywords: Malignant melanoma, nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses, C-KIT, sinonasal malignancy, mucosal melanoma
Mucosal fenestration is a condition that can be described as breakdown of the overlying bone and alveolar mucosa leading to exposure of root apex in the oral environment.