Mortimer, Mrs.

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Mrs., female patient for whom the malady is named.
Mortimer disease - Synonym(s): Mortimer malady
Mortimer malady - skin disease. Synonym(s): Mortimer disease
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"And I am Mrs. Mortimer," the other said, with a bow of acknowledgment.
"The flowers caught your eyes, didn't they, my dear?" Mrs. Mortimer resumed.
Saxon was glowing with appreciation, but Mrs. Mortimer, glancing at Billy, noted not entire approval.
"But a paying trick," Mrs. Mortimer interrupted, her eyes dancing and vivacious behind the glasses.
"You are opposing a theory to a fact," Mrs. Mortimer stated.
"And in the meantime, we'll look around," Mrs. Mortimer invited.
"White Leghorns," said Mrs. Mortimer. "You have no idea what they netted me this year.
"But the eggs would be one-day eggs, all the eggs would be one-day eggs, you mustn't forget that," Mrs. Mortimer pointed out.
They were shown over the cattery, the piggery, the milkers, and the kennelry, as Mrs. Mortimer called her live stock departments.
But Mrs. Mortimer refused unless they agreed to stop for supper.
"Well, then," Mrs. Mortimer took up her tale, "in the beginning I was a greenhorn, city born and bred.
Mrs. Mortimer noted her sparkling glances which took in everything, and went out of her way to show Saxon around, doing it under the guise of gleeful boastings, stating the costs of the different materials, explaining how she had done things with her own hands, such as staining the doors, weathering the bookcases, and putting together the big Mission Morris chair.