Mortimer, Mrs.

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Mrs., female patient for whom the malady is named.
Mortimer disease - Synonym(s): Mortimer malady
Mortimer malady - skin disease. Synonym(s): Mortimer disease
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Mrs Mortimer, who stayed up all night, said: "When the sun came up, there were still firefighters and police everywhere.
Mrs Mortimer said the stricKen roof structure was a danger.
The house we had was quite big enough for us and we would have carried on living there quite happily," said Mrs Mortimer.
Well, we practiced Catholicism (which Mrs Mortimer described as "bad Christianity") and were very poor.
A family friend said Mrs Mortimer, a justice of the peace at the court, would stand by her husband, adding: "But, because of her position, she can hardly be seen to be condoning his behaviour.
Shocked Mrs Mortimer - who is also a JP at Ayr Sheriff Court - has told friends she will stand by her husband.
Mrs Mortimer says she has fought a losing battle trying to control her son who doesn't realise that what he is doing is wrong.
Mrs Mortimer said she was "looking forward to her year of office".
As well as creating an imaginative description of the Welsh population in the 1800s, Mrs Mortimer also penned small snapshots of other regions in the UK and the wider world.
Also, I remember Mrs Mortimer, Miss Lewis and Miss Walker and two classmates in particular, Barbara Hudson and Alison Hodgkins.
Hairmyres Hospital denied Mrs Mortimer was neglected by staff.
Mrs Mortimer told the court: 'There was a slight scuffle and I at first envisaged somebody trying to get a bag off somebody.