Mr. Yuk

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A warning label with a caricature developed by Pittsburgh’s National Poison Control Center to be affixed to certain products. Its efficacy in preventing accidental poisoning is uncertain
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Feryal Ahmadi, Chief Operating Officer, DMCC, and Mr. Yuk Chan, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, CGJE, signed the agreement during a high-level official trade visit of the Shanghai Municipal Government to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Booths have included fire safety, choking hazards, Mr. Yuk and Poison Control, Tide Pods, bath time, car seat safety and many more topics.
Mr. Yuk noted that NMR methods are highly reproducible from site to site and have low analytical variance compared to other analytical techniques.
Mr. Yuk accounts for 5% of the Pittsburgh Poison Center's income.
En addition, children can pickup "Mr. Yuk" poison control stickers, which help create safer home environments for them.
Show common examples of symbols: the happy face, Mr. Yuk, stop, hearts, doves and four-leaf clovers.
Contact your local Poison Control Center to request Mr. Yuk stickers to place on the toxic substances in your home and explain their meaning to your children.