Mister Red

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An announcement made over a hospital’s paging system notifying personnel of a fire in the building
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What "Mr. Red" may lack in dominance he makes up in consistency, especially reaching base (he's led the NL in OBP seven times).
The group members include Justin Spencer (Mr. Red), the group founder and a lead percussionist; Ryan Vezina (Mr.
Caption: BOTTLED UP: Details from Little Miss Blue & Mr. Red Who?
For this interprofessional education (IPE) simulation, the unfolding case of Mr. Red Yoder was used (Boese, 2011).
Mr. Red Eagle's outfit is decorated heavily in red quillwork that includes cuffs, knee bands (not visible) a bib, a pipe bag, many medallions and an otter cape with quilled medallions and a panel at the bottom.
The prosecution would like to call its second witness: Mr. Red Top.
Pesky - "Mr. Red Sox" - has been associated with the Red Sox for 57 of his 69 years in baseball as a player, coach and two short stints as manager.
Katherine Lewellyn of Batesville, and the late Mr. Red Lewellyn of Friars Point.
"I know, Mr. Red Hill, what these red things are and the white but I never saw yellow ones before."
Elgin Marques Houston David Omari Grandberry Rico Jarell Houston Vick DeMario Thornton Rashaan Dreux Frederic Liyah Jennifer Freeman Herself Lil' Kim Emerald Michael "Bear" Taliferro Herself Alani "La La" Vasquez Wade Christopher Jones Beautifull Meagan Good Mr. Red Steve Harvey If each decade must have its own "Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo," things could be worse than "You Got Served," Latest formula reheating of snotty (white) outsiders vs.
Improved handicapper Mr. Red Banner might have the measure of some tough opponents in the Tipperary Supporters Club Novice Hurdle.