Mister Green

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An announcement made over a hospital’s paging system notifying personnel that a previous fire warning is in an all clear status
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Hatfield the cleverest, Sir Thomas the wickedest, and Mr. Green the most stupid.
He said Mr. Green, the lawyer, was out when he arrived at his house, and he had to wait two hours for his re-entrance; and then Mr.
Mr. Green took upon himself to order everything and everybody about the place.
Cole of the rise and progress of the affair was so gloriousthe steps so quick, from the accidental rencontre, to the dinner at Mr. Green's, and the party at Mrs.
Is rejoiced to state that he finds himself unexpectedly able to forward Mr. Green's views relative to the cleaning of 'The Burgomaster's Breakfast.' The inclosed compound has just reached him from Amsterdam.
Mr. Green had implicitly followed the directions in the letter the moment he received it--had allowed the "Amsterdam Cleansing Compound" to remain on the Rembrandt until eight o'clock in the evening--had called for the softest linen cloth in the whole house--and had then, with his own venerable hands, carefully wiped off the compound, and with it the whole surface of the picture!
To check this ascent, the only recourse is, (or rather was, until Mr. Green's invention of the guide-rope,) the permission of the escape of gas from the valve ; but, in the loss of gas, is a proportionate general loss of ascending power ; so that, in a comparatively brief period, the best-constructed balloon must necessarily exhaust all its resources, and come to the earth.
Norris, unable to be longer deaf; "unless I had gone myself, indeed; but I cannot be in two places at once; and I was talking to Mr. Green at that very time about your mother's dairymaid, by her desire, and had promised John Groom to write to Mrs.
Mr. Green, 51, is a former selectman in Northbridge and served as economic development director and executive director of the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce from 1995 to 2005.
In this position, Mr. Green will be responsible for a wide range of issues relating to international tax matters and global trading.
Mr. Green's amputation was the result of severe peripheral vascular disease.
Mr. Green hopes to fill the seat held by longtime state Rep.