Mozart ear

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Mo·zart ear

a deformity of the pinna where the two crura of the antihelix and the crus of the helix are fused, giving a bulging appearance of the superior part of the pinna.
[Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 1756-1791, composer, was said to have had this deformity]
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A defect of the auricle in which the crura of the helix and antihelix are joined, resulting in an outward bulge of the upper part of the ear
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Mozart ear

[Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Austrian composer, 1756–1791. Alleged to have had this deformity]
Deformity of the ear in which the antihelix is fused with the crura of the helix.
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Wolfgang Amadeus, Austrian composer, 1756-1791.
Mozart ear - fusion of the large portion of the anthelix with the helix.
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