Movie Sign

An often bilateral knee stiffness and pain which occurs after prolonged sitting in patients with patellofemoral joint pain, which the patient tries to address by periodically trying to straighten his/her leg
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TEENAGE wizard Harry Potter built on success today after producers of his forthcoming movie signed a multimillion pound global merchandising deal with Lego.
MEL Gibson's new movie Signs has knocked Austin Powers off the top of the US box office chart.
Cornish has claimed his inspirations include the movie Signs and the time he was mugged by teenagers, and noticed the robbers actually seemed as frightened as he was.
That's because his favourite film is the Mel Gibson movie Signs, so he sees portents in everything.
Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of USA, often travelled to Bensalem and M Night Shyamalan movie Signs was partly shot here.
QI HAVE a promotional postcard of "Minerva McGonagall" from the first Harry Potter movie signed by Maggie Smith, who played her.
The rest reckoned some fans of the hit Mel Gibson movie Signs had worked out a way to do it.
But as actor Mel Gibson discovered in Disney's recent movie Signs, crop circles pose one strange puzzle.
"It could be to do with the movie Signs. It has given what we do a lot of publicity.
HERE is your chance to see what you think of the new movie Signs for yourself.
MEL GIBSON's movie Signs topped the US box office over the long Labour Day holiday weekend taking in pounds 11m.
There's also Mel Gibson in the acclaimed movie Signs and from tomorrow the heart- stopping xXx.