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Meanwhile, Chris Moyles was mouthing off that he'd beat rival Terry Wogan in the ratings when he "pops his clogs".
Kirk, it seems, has discovered another enterprise: Mouthing off to the tabloids.
Liam just kept mouthing off at her and then stormed into the house.
Indiscipline included pupils threatening and swearing at them, mouthing off cheekily and refusing to do work.
He also has a habit of mouthing off and the concern was what'd happen if he did it in Barlinnie.
Or maybe she was mouthing off at some recent example of her wildman rocker's trademark bad-boy behaviour.
He explained: "I was in the loo first and I heard some drunk fan mouthing off saying Abramovich was in town.
It's not his fault people go around mouthing off his name.
However Morgan starts mouthing off so Gabriel loses his temper and lifts him off the ground until he gets the apology he wanted.