mouth ulcers

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mouth ulcers

Painful white, grey or yellow open sores occurring anywhere on the inside of the lip or cheek or on the floor of the mouth. Most are of unknown cause, are harmless and soon resolve. Ulcers that do not disappear in a few days may be dangerous and should be reported. Also known as aphthous ulcers or canker sores.


an opening, especially the oral cavity, which forms the beginning of the digestive system and in which the chewing of food takes place. It is also the site of the organs of taste and the teeth, tongue and lips, and the entrance to the body for food and sometimes air. In animals it is a part of the system of defense and attack. Called also oral cavity, buccal cavity. See also oral.

African mouth breeders
fish that breed in isolated pairs and the spawn of which are incubated in the mouth of the male. Called also Tilapia macrocephala.
mouth carcinoma
in food animals may occur in those eating bracken. It is usually a squamous cell carcinoma of gum epithelium.
mouth dryness
characteristic of dehydration, atropine poisoning.
mouth erosions
full mouth
a mature animal with all teeth erupted and in wear.
mouth gag
see mouth speculum (below).
mouth inflammation
monkey mouth
mandibular prognathism; undershot jaw.
mouth mucosal lesions
includes stomatitis, necrobacillosis, ulcer, foreign body lodgment, laceration.
mouth necrobacillosis
necrosis, ulceration caused usually by Fusobacterium necrophorum.
mouth neoplasms
see oral neoplasm.
parrot mouth
paw and mouth disease
a name for feline calicivirus or herpesvirus infection because of the infrequent occurrence of ulcerations on the skin, usually of the front paws, as well as the usual location in the mouth; probably the result of transmission from grooming.
scabby mouth
see contagious ecthyma.
shear mouth
malocclusion producing marked pointing of the enamel. Seen particularly in horses.
mouth shyness
avoidance of handling around the mouth may be a sign of dental disease in animals.
sow mouth
mandibular prognathism; undershot jaw.
mouth speculum
a device for preventing the mouth from being closed which permits the passage of the hand or an easily damaged piece of equipment such as a rubber stomach tube. See also frick, mcpherson, schoupe, drinkwater, bayer specula. There are several unnamed pieces: a wooden one used in cows, which is inserted crossways between the teeth and a stomach tube passed through a hole in its middle; a metal one used in horses by placing its two dental plates over the tables of the incisor teeth and screwing them apart with a thumbscrew working inside the frame that supports the plates; and a similar, simpler device used in sheep and small pigs which has two horizontal bars running crossways between the two parallel prongs of a handheld, fork-like device. It is inserted horizontally between the molar teeth and then turned to a vertical position.
mouth ulcers
in large animals, ulcers of the oral mucosa usually caused by secondary bacterial infection of less severe mucosal lesions caused by a primary disease, e.g. mucosal disease. In cats, ulcerations are often associated with feline viral respiratory disease complex.
mouth wart
a common location for infection by papilloma virus.
wry mouth
a twisted mouth caused by unilateral malocclusion.
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