infectious ectromelia virus

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in·fec·tious ec·tro·me·li·a vi·rus

a virus belonging to the family Poxviridae morphologically similar to vaccinia virus, which occurs as a latent infection in laboratory mice, but which may be activated by stresses such as irradiation and transport to cause disease; inoculation into the footpad results in edema and necrosis.
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In doing so, they inserted into a mousepox virus a gene that creates large amounts of interleukin 4 (IL-4).
The team found breeds of laboratory mice normally resistant to the mousepox virus died when they were infected with the virus after it was modified to contain a particular gene affecting immunity.
Perhaps the most famous example is the mousepox experiment, in which Australian researchers trying to develop a means of controlling the mouse population inserted an interleukin-4 (TL-4) gene into the mousepox virus and in so doing created a pathogen that was lethal even to mice vaccinated against the disease.
Australian scientists developing a contraceptive vaccine to control field mouse populations sought to enhance its effectiveness by inserting the gene for the immune regulatory protein interleukin-4 into mousepox virus, which served as the vaccine carrier.