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The mouse pointer is a sealed, drift-free, button-style mouse pointer molded in silicone rubber; making it more user friendly and durable than a touchpad.
The subject navigated the mouse pointer within a track shown on the screen, moving the pointer from a starting point by issuing a double-click (start command) to a stopping point by issuing a single-click (stop command); meanwhile, the GUI recorded the pointer path and measured the elapsed time (ET) between the start and stop commands.
It all happens so quickly that the mouse pointer moves smoothly.
Linked reports are opened by placing the mouse pointer over the agenda item appearing in blue and left-clicking the item to be viewed (or right-clicking if using a right-handed mouse).
Place your Mouse pointer on the location where you wish to place clip art in a Word document.
The box contains LogOff, ShutDown and Restart buttons and the mouse pointer is locked within the confines of the box.
From basic questions like how to make the mouse pointer larger on a computer screen, to placing an icon on the computer's desktop, to uninstalling a software program, to defraging a hard drive, the methodical approach employed is perfect for non-specialist general readers of all ages.
Each time you touch our surfaces with a different set of fingers, you've picked up a new 'tool,' be it mouse pointer, drag tool, scroll, or text cursor.
TechSmith's Snaglt is a wonderful tool for creating screenshots, but you still have to make sure that your mouse pointer is in the correct spot when you record, that no buttons or links are a different color than they should be, and that you don't skip a step.
Although your keyboard is probably not labeled, when MouseKeys is turned on, the number 5 key becomes the "click," and all the numbers around the "5" move the mouse pointer just by holding the key down.