Mouse Model

A strain of mouse used in basic research as it has specific characteristics that resemble a human disease, or has natural mutations similar to human mutations
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The D-line a-synuclein mouse model, which expresses human wild type a-synuclein under control of the PDGF promoter, was the first published synuclein mouse model to show a Lewy body-like pathology in different structures of the brain.
a global ophthalmic contract research organization (CRO) announced today that they have entered into an exclusive license agreement for the Akimba mouse model for diabetic retinopathy for contract research.
The researchers then looked at the overlap between those 135 genes and genes whose expression activity was changed in a mouse model of stress-reactive alcoholism-research mice that respond to stress by consuming alcohol.
1 Introduction 2 Executive Summary 3 Market Dynamics 4 Market Share Analysis, By Key Players 5 Mice Model Market Size 6 Geographic Analysis 7 Competitive Landscape 8 Company Profiles 9 Preclinical Pipeline 10 Industry Speaks 11 Cost Assessment and Mouse Model Outlicensing/Buyer Companies Assessment (Page No.
Saido launched a project to develop a new mouse model that would allow more accurate evaluation of therapies for the disease.
Moreover, since SLE is a heterogeneous disease, some features of the disorder may be better reflected in one or another mouse model.
The researchers examined whether a combination of CoQ10 with creatine can exert additive neuroprotective effects in a mouse model of Parkinson's disease, a rat model of Huntington's disease (HD), and a transgenic mouse model of HD.
Indeed, the authors of 1 study, some of whom had been involved in an M2e-vaccine study, commented that joint-specific immunity in the mouse model was more robust than M2e-specific immunity (33).
Haslam showed that the rat model is more similar than the mouse model to the human breast in terms of the patterns of receptors expressed.
To extrapolate from this mouse model to human scleroderma is hard," he says.
The filing, made by Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw, was based upon a recently completed mouse model study mimicking cystic fibrosis, one of several studies on models of diseases that mimic human disease.