Mouse Wrist

A repetitive stress injury of the wrist caused by excessive or improper use of a computer mouse
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But after getting the prestigious job, the impressed pair sent him a gold Mickey Mouse wrist watch when they returned to America.
"They must have been impressed with him because when they got back to America they sent him a gold Mickey Mouse wrist watch and a lovely letter which has been passed down through the family and now takes pride of place on our wall of memories in our boardroom."
THE FUNNY THING--funny, for a man who would become the preeminent expert in comic timepieces--is that Howard Brenner never had a Mickey Mouse wrist watch as a kid.
In the meantime, I have to use pull-down menus for everything, get mouse wrist, remember how to get to the image set I want, and wade through data, gaining only carpal tunnel pain for my effort.
For something different, that's especially suitable for mothers who spend all day in front of a computer, why not give a purple silk computer mouse wrist rest.
The Ergodyne WorkSmart product line also features adjustable and fixed keyboard and mouse wrist rests, wrist supports, back rests and lumbo rolls, and stretch software.