Mouse Milk

A slang term for that which delivers a minimal payoff for a maximum effort
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The contents of sialic acid in mouse milk were measured by HPLC methods.
Assays for Free and Oligosaccharide-Bounded or Protein-Bounded Sialic Acid in Mouse Milk
Dissection and Collection of Tissues and Mouse Milk
Collection of Mouse Milk. The milk of postpartum female mice was collected during the lactation period.
Effects of EBN on Levels of the Sialic Acid in Mouse Milk
Our research showed that administration with EBN during pregnancy or both pregnancy and lactation periods can enhance the levels of free and oligosaccharide-binding sialic acid in mouse milk. It suggested that the maternal mice were able to obtain more sialic acid during the prenatal period, which may positively affect the brain development of their offspring.
Caption: Figure 2: Comparison of free and oligosaccharide-binding sialic acid (FSA) level in mouse milk from each group of 10 female mice administrated with EBN.
It was also low in fat content: about 4.2 percent, far skinnier than house mouse milk at 27 percent fat.
"Mouse milk is very protein-rich, and this can also translate into very high concentrations of transgenic protein," National Geographic News quoted Patrick van Berkel, a senior director at the Danish biotech company Genmab, writing in an email.
For example, the fat content of seal milk is high while that of mouse milk is low.