Mouse Finger

A repetitive stress injury directly related to clicking a computer mouse
Management Substitute mouse design for track ball or hand clickable mouse
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10As a rule of thumb (or, in this case, index mouse finger) if it seems too good to be true then it probably is.
And yet, as Chris Anderson of Wired points out, "Google offers everything they do for free." Picasa; YouTube; GMail; GOOG-411; Orkut; Google Maps and Earth; a small warehouse of widgets, programs, and services; and, oh yes, Search--all available for no more than a couple of twitches of your mouse finger. And the company's bottom line for 2007--$16.6 billion, up $6 billion from 2006.
What makes my mouse finger even itchier is my inability to live without Myspace, an invention that drives everyone to the brink of despair.