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A two-wheel motorised personal vehicle which is associated with a much higher risk of injury and death than that typical of four-wheeled motor vehicles
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Most of the motorcycle gangs are wearing leather jackets with big patches of the names of their groups on the back.
Western Australian Police Warn Motorcycle Gangs are Gaining Criminal Footholds in Bali and other Southeast Asian Destination
He added: "[The police] went on to tell us that there's another motorcycle gang having their official rally - they now fear there will be clashes between the two." quoted Lawler, as saying that the commission intelligence had identified a number of people buying drugs on behalf of this outlaw motorcycle gang who had been recruited via social media.
Warwickshire Police said last week it was to seek a review of the Bulldog Bash's licence because of concerns about "rising levels of violence between criminal members of motorcycle gangs".
Assistant chief constable Bill Holland said: "We are applying for a review of the licence because we have serious concerns about continuing and, in fact, rising levels of violence between criminal members of motorcycle gangs.
Also on the long stretch of Oud Metha road, where I live, some nights the motorcycle gangs take rounds again and again to the disgust of the residents in the buildings.
The number of incidents of group driving by so-called ''bosozoku'' (speed tribe) motorcycle gangs confirmed by police totaled 1,642, down 25.4 percent from a year earlier.
Morgan said DeLoretto has been affiliated with various gangs - including anti-racist skinheads and outlaw motorcycle gangs - since age 18.
"The reservations are based on a significant increase in violence between rival motorcycle gangs across the UK as a whole.
THE Welsh National Motorcycle Show has been cancelled due to concerns by Dyfed-Powys Police, based apparently on a "significant increase" in violence between rival motorcycle gangs across the UK.
THERE'S SOMETHING FUN besides sideshows and motorcycle gangs going on in downtown Oakland.

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