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A two-wheel motorised personal vehicle which is associated with a much higher risk of injury and death than that typical of four-wheeled motor vehicles
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As such, General Breedlove underscored the importance of motorcycle safety mentorship to include wing-level activities that foster positive riding attitudes, behaviors and build necessary riding experience.
The first requirement for anyone wishing to buy or ride a motorcycle is completion of the USS Wasp Motorcycle/ATV Notification Form.
KARACHI -- Police claimed to have arrested 21 suspects in separate operations in the city and seized weapons, stolen motorcycles, rickshaws among other things from their possession.
The recommended areas of research include synergizing ITS technology and implementation with the proven technology of antilock braking systems in motorcycles; rider-motorcycle interfaces; motorcycle safety data (including preparations to take full advantage of big data moving forward); applied research and assessments of safety benefits; and the harmonization of ITS technologies and standards (such as interoperable connected vehicles).
The plates, to be made of durable material, should be displayed on both the front and back sides of the motorcycle.
THE chief of the transportation department has ordered the creation of a technical working group (TWG) to review the possibility of allowing motorcycles to operate as public transport vehicles, pending amendments to the law prohibiting such and a stay order issued by the Supreme Court.
The motorcycles produced in Indonesia are not only sold in the domestic market.
Police said initial investigations showed the gang was behind at least 10 motorcycle thefts.
In May 2018, Senator Joseph Victor 'JV' Ejercito has filed Senate Bill 1822, or an act establishing a mandatory motorcycle safety training program.
He said the bill also requires motorcycle manufacturers, assemblers and distributors to ensure the Automatic Headlights On System, mechanism or device, are properly installed before the distribution and sale of the motorcycles.
The recovered motorcycles were locked to various police stations from various special checking points during the verifications of their documents.
These include the licensing and registering of recreational motorcycles, and issuing permits for motorcycle rental offices and motorcycle racetracks in collaboration with concerned authorities in Dubai.