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A two-wheel motorised personal vehicle which is associated with a much higher risk of injury and death than that typical of four-wheeled motor vehicles
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Most of the military and civilian personal belonging to the low and middle socioeconomic group use motor cycle as the mode of transport.
| Lord Mayor of Coventry (left) Coun Michael Hammon and organiser Bob Badland (secretary of The Vintage Motor Cycle Club Midlands Section)
"According to the local police of Pune a low intensity IED was placed on a motorcycle outside Faraskhana police station, the blast took place after at 2 PM , three were injured and the motor cycles parked nearby were damaged.
"On behalf of the Manx Motor Cycle Club I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to his family and friends."
"The 100-110 cc motorcycle segment is a promising market with tremendous growth potential as it constitutes about 50 per cent of total country's motor cycle market.
Joe Fairrie, Chairman of the Bad-Landers Motor Cycle Club, thanked everyone who helped to make the day a great success, including South Tyneside Council's Cultural Services Team.
"It's a great place to have a motor cycle show and there's a good mix of different things and attractions going on so it's not just about trade stands."
Most of the youths riding motor cycles are ignorant of road safety regulations, so we have seen the need to train them on road safety regulations; he said adding that innocent lives have been taken away as a result of road accidents involving motorists.
The most interesting features of this book are the detailed descriptions and photos of the earliest motor cycles, and the unusual photos throughout the first half of the book, which include an Italian military motor cycle with a large machine gun mounted on its handlebars and a photo from 1924 showing an American police Harley with a jail cell (complete with criminal) in place of a sidecar.
Not only that, Brenda lived to tell the tale after taking part with the Royal Signals motor cycle display team at Catterick in 1992 - when she was 68!
HERE'S your chance to see the top motor cycle action on earth and the best motor cycling film ever made.
1974: Yamaha Motor Cycle launched by Dawood Yamaha, Diesel Engines manufacturing started at Bela Engineering.