fine motor coordination

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fine mo·tor co·or·di·na·tion

(FMC) (fīn mō'tŏr kō-ōr'di-nā'shŭn)
Ability to perform delicate manipulations with the hand requiring steadiness, muscle control, and simultaneous discrete finger movements.
Synonym(s): dexterity, fine coordination, fine motor control.
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Simply grasping a coffee cup needs fine motor coordination with the highest precision.
The results, published July 2018 in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, showed that attention, focus and reasoning, and motor coordination were most severely affected when participants' dehydration was 2 percent of body mass or more, a level of dehydration that typically occurs after 1 hour of moderate to heavy physical activity.
Discussions of the growth and physical fitness of children and youth are often set in the context of physical activity and health, although clear definitions of fitness and an important correlate, motor coordination, are not systematically addressed.
MS generally begins in early to mid-adult life, with attacks of neurological dysfunction, including visual blurring, double vision, loss of sensory and motor coordination, and disturbances of the bowel or bladder.
In the article titled "Impaired Visual Motor Coordination in Obese Adults," there was an error in the Consent section, which should be corrected as follows:
The new brush is the only toothbrush targeted at the elderly population with motor coordination difficulty and caregivers assisting with brushing, Moore says.
Tent Box Mats is designed for use by children who are working on improving their gross motor skills, strength, and motor coordination as a result of developmental delays, Down's syndrome, cerebral palsy or a neurological involvement.
as the gun is extended, begin pressing the trigger, bringing the long pull of the double-action mechanism to the point that minimum trigger movement is required to fire." Training yourself to "prep" the trigger like this may be fine for the range, where stress is minimal and the targets are not alive, but in an actual confrontation, when stress skyrockets and fine motor coordination deteriorates, this technique is a disaster waiting to happen.
Agents were administered intraperitoneally in mice before the experiments for the evaluation of hypnotic activity (induced by sodium pentobarbital, 30 mg/kg, i.p.), anxiolytic activity (elevated plus maze test), locomotor activity (open field test) and motor coordination (Rotarod test).
Washington, June 20 ( ANI ): Diapocynin, a synthetic molecule derived from a naturally occurring compound (apocynin), protected neurobehavioral function in mice with Parkinson's Disease symptoms by preventing deficits in motor coordination, according to a study.
Children who spend more than three-quarters of their time engaging in sedentary behavior, such as watching television and sitting at computers, have up to nine times poorer motor coordination than their more active peers, reveals a study in the American Journal of Human Biology.