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1. An acquired predisposition, need, or specific state of tension within a person that arouses, maintains, and directs behavior toward a goal. Synonym(s): learned drive
2. The reason attributed to or given by a person for a behavioral act. Compare: instinct.
[L. moveo, to move, to set in motion]


An emotion, desire, physiological need, or similar impulse that acts as an incitement to action.


1. An acquired predisposition, need, or specific state of tension within a person that arouses, maintains, and directs behavior toward a goal.
Synonym(s): learned drive.
2. The reason attributed to or given by an individual for a behavioral act.
Compare: instinct
[L. moveo, to move, to set in motion]


A need, reason, or want that impels action.

Patient discussion about motive

Q. How do you motivate yourself to exercise? I have a problem- I can easily get myself to go to work and other strenuous things, but when I need to get myself out for some exercise, which is only for me, I don’t find the energy for that. Does anyone have any tips how to encourage myself?

A. Try to change to an exercise you enjoy. You can also exercise with a friend, and the commitment to him may give you another push. Another option is to join a regular exercise program in a gym. Good luck!

Q. How to get my motivation back? Hi, I’m 22 years old girl, and since high school I’m 132 pounds stretched over 5’2’’. About two years ago, when I started college I gained another 20 pounds, that made me understand I’m overweight, and then I started a diet – mainly thinking before I eat something. I already lost those extra pounds, an I wish to lose another 10 pounds, but I feel I lost my motivation to restrict myself. Suddenly I find myself eating way too much, which makes me down, which makes me eat again… Any advice?

A. If you feel a craving for food, you can try to go to sleep – it helps me.
Good luck!

Q. What benefits have you recieved from nutrition and fitness What step did you take to begin and stay motivated perticularly if you were depressed and/or addicted

A. Today, after working in the gym for more than a year, I feel much better, I have a anew interest that challenges me and sets goals for me every time, and also let me find new people with this common interest. Of course, I look much better now, and it really improves my feeling and general well being.

If you suffer from depression or addiction, exercise may help you, although consulting a professional, as before starting any exercise program may be necessary.

Take care,

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However, regarding how this will impact crude supply and making of products, Motiva is well positioned to manage the supply of crude and products and is working effectively with both owners,' the spokeswoman said.
The operation will allow delivery of ethanol unit trains directly into Motiva storage tanks.
Shell and Motiva, however, contended the station owners couldn't invoke those provisions because they accepted new lease terms and continued to operate their franchises.
We are pleased to continue expanding our Texas footprint to meet growing demand in that market while partnering with Motiva to provide a direct connection to the strategic Port Arthur refining region," said Don Wellendorf, chief executive officer.
Motiva elected to use the Goulds Pumps PumpSmart microprocessor-based variable speed drive, which is programmed specifically for centrifugal pumps up to 700 hp.
Right before sentencing, Mary Davis, the wife of the killed boilermaker, delivered a letter calling on the judge to reject the no contest plea, and condemning the failure of the state's attorney general to prosecute Motiva for manslaughter and to charge any individual "for my husband's senseless and needless death.
The company implemented Motiva eChange Solutions in December of 1999 and measured its performance against corporate time-to-market goals.
Your local gas station may fuel more than your car in the near future; it may be an integral part of the sophisticated, nationwide wireless communications network that fuels your cell phone and other wireless transmissions in the new millennium, if Motiva Enterprises' foresight is prophetic.
HOUSTON -- KBR (NYSE: KBR) today announced that its subsidiary Roberts & Schaefer (R&S) has been selected to construct a petroleum coker (pet coke) material handling system for Motiva Enterprises LLC's (Motiva) Port Arthur Refinery Expansion Project in Port Arthur, Texas.
HOUSTON: Saudi Aramco plans an investment of up to $30 billion in its US subsidiary Motiva Enterprsies, the company said in an announcement at a business summit in Saudi Arabia.
The break up of Motiva Enterprises will see a division of assets - leaving Aramco with the US's largest crude oil refinery.
SRI) subsidiary and Royal Dutch Shell plc (Shell), through its US downstream affiliate, announce today they have signed a non-binding Letter of Intent to divide the assets of Motiva Enterprises LLC.