mother liquor

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moth·er li·quor

the saturated solution remaining after a crystallization or precipitation.
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Column chromatography of the mother liquor of the acetone extract (MAD) eluted with petroleum ether-ethyl acetate of varying composition gave six fractions -A, B, C, D, E and F.
The petroleum washings from the solid were added to the mother liquor and complete evaporation gave 11.
The mother liquor (PM) of the petroleum ether extract was chromatographed on silica gel and the column eluted with petroleum ether-ethyl acetate of varying composition to give four fractions PMA, PMB, PMC and PMD.
Complete evaporation of the mother liquor (MAD) yielded 10.
5) Preparation of 2-hydroxy-4-methyl-6-{4'-[N,N-bis(2-chloroethylyl) amino] distyryl} pyrimidine hydrochloride (V)-The concentrated mother liquor from the above experiments was diluted with ether and dry HCl gas was passed.
The crystal were filtered, the mother liquor was concentrated (45 ml) and left overnight to separate crystals.
The crystals separated and the mother liquor of the above reaction was diluted with the dry ether (50 ml) and it was saturated with dryl HCl gas.
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Tenders are invited for Job A- Np Evaporator- Replacement Of Gaskets And Expansion Bellow, Job B- Mill Fan - Rotating Assembly Replacement, Job C- Replacement And Overhauling Of Vertical Cooling Tower Water Pumps And Job D-Repair/Patch Work (Ss) On Mother Liquor Tank-3 And Other Tanks In Anp Plant