mother liquor

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moth·er li·quor

the saturated solution remaining after a crystallization or precipitation.
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where [C.sub.RE] is the rare earth ion concentration, mL/mg; [C.sub.EDTA] is the titrant standard concentration, mL/mg; B is the burette reading after titration, mL; A is the burette reading before titration, mL; and the denominator of 5 indicates that 5 mL of the rare earth mother liquor is taken.
(1) Once synthetic cryolite mother liquor was the only taken acid leaching agent, the leaching efficiency of aluminum was not that high.
Column chromatography of the mother liquor of the acetone extract (MAD) eluted with petroleum ether-ethyl acetate of varying composition gave six fractions -A, B, C, D, E and F.
Eleven amide hydrogen atoms were protected from exchange after three months of soaking the crystals in deuterated mother liquor at pH 8.2.
Final steps involve evaporation and crystallization under vacuum, separation of crystal from mother liquor in very large spin dryers, final drying in a stream of warm air and separation into desired size ranges by sieving.
To digress to that nebulously remembered beginning, I once worked in a plant that used the mother liquor brine from evaporated seawater after the local salt works had gleaned the sodium chloride crystals.
Tenders are invited for Ss lining to mother liquor pit stainless steel lining 1 mm thick of material ss 304
In addition, sulfur retention ability of Bayer red mud from an alumina plant was improved by fusel salt and waste mother liquor of sodium ferrocyanide as the main sulfur fixation agent and the calcium based natural mineral materials as servicing additives.
The crystals were separated and the mother liquor of the above reaction was diluted with the dry ether (50 ml) and it was saturated with dry HCl gas.
Expression of interest for design, manufacturing, supply, erection and commissioning of a quadruple stage evaporator for production of concentrated caustic lye from mother liquor at mopp, irel, oscom, odisha
Tenders are invited for job contract for manufacturing of stainless steel mother liquor tank
Tenders are invited for Job A- Np Evaporator- Replacement Of Gaskets And Expansion Bellow, Job B- Mill Fan - Rotating Assembly Replacement, Job C- Replacement And Overhauling Of Vertical Cooling Tower Water Pumps And Job D-Repair/Patch Work (Ss) On Mother Liquor Tank-3 And Other Tanks In Anp Plant