Mother's Little Helper

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A regional term any antidepressant, in particular valium, but also other benzodiazepines
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It says summertime BBQ all the way, is refreshing, the kids will love it and it's the perfect mixer for a mother's little helper cocktail
ROLLING STONES - MOTHER'S LITTLE HELPER Love this song, never gets old.
Soon Eddie is on the run from several disreputable types who have also gotten a jones for mother's little helper, called NZT, the demand for which vastly outstrips the supply.
The legendary Rolling Stones frontman, whose hits include Mother's Little Helper, was in Bloemfontein to watch the Germans dump England out of the competition last Sunday and was impressed enough to declare L|w's young side are his tip to go all the way.
There's a little pill for everyone, a mother's little helper - or father's or anyone's - to help you through the day - or the night, or any time at all, wherever you are, a little something to keep the world from the door.
com Mother's little helper Looking to keep the kids busy?
The Rolling Stones put out their album Aftermath, including No1 hit Paint It Black, plus another big hit, Mother's Little Helper.
Hence sexy Gabrielle ushers in Macy Gray's Boom Boom and Gloria Estefan's Young Hearts Run Free, while weary Lynette serves up Liz Phair's Mother's Little Helper and Martina McBride's Harper Valley PTA etc.
And if it does, there's always mother's little helper.
Mother's little helper GINVENT CALENDAR FROM PS114 many, a picture of a robin is enough.