Mother's Little Helper

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A regional term any antidepressant, in particular valium, but also other benzodiazepines
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Ironically for Beatleweek, the show opened with the Stones, courtesy of Sweden's Rocks Off band, with 1966 numbers from Lady Jane and Mother's Little Helper to (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction.
Shatner live-tweeted Collins' directorial debut episode titled "Mother's Little Helper" when it aired in March.
Mother's little helper: Harry Justice and mum Ruth. Mother's Little Helper These delicious Haggis, Neeps and Tatties Croquettes from M&S are as you'd expect, superb.
CHILDREN have been taken to hospital suffering from slurred speech and memory loss after experimenting with a dangerous drug known as "mother's little helper".
MOTHER'S LITTLE HELPER: Care UK's Michelle Clay, left, and his mum Lucy praised Thomas for his quick thinking
Hence sexy Gabrielle ushers in Macy Gray's Boom Boom and Gloria Estefan's Young Hearts Run Free, while weary Lynette serves up Liz Phair's Mother's Little Helper and Martina McBride's Harper Valley PTA etc.
A funhouse-mirror version of familial happiness features JelizaRose as mother's little helper, obediently cooking syringes full of heroin for each parent.
'Supernatural' Season 9 Spoilers: Dean Not in the Mood Dealing with Crowley or Finding Abaddon, Watch Video Clip for Episode 17 'Mother's Little Helper' - [(
Mother's little helper Tidy up your desk with this minimally sized Penclic Mini Keyboard, ergonomically designed to help RSI thanks to a natural working position.
These were women mostly, and the question arose, was Prozac, Miltown, or Librium the 'mother's little helper' from which we expect too much and about which we know too little?"