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Moschos, H [phrase omitted] [The Criticism of Neo-Enlightenment against Social Aspects of Orthodox Thinking (in Greek)], Synaxi 73 (January-March 2000), 24-39.
Dr Moschos said: "During the Ebola outbreak, between 2013 and 2016, over 28,500 individuals contracted the disease with a mortality rate of 39.5%.
Dr Sterghios Moschos has developed a simpler way to diagnose the virus
University Archives was only able to find a brief mention of a Daphne Moschos Gillam, as a teaching fellow in the Fine Arts Department from February 1948 to June 1949.
"Gynecologists typically do a pelvic and speculum exam after placing an IUD, but there's no sonogram involved," notes Elysia Moschos, lead author of the study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology.
Moschos and his team demonstrated in the lab that metastatic melanoma cells exhibit a higher rate of glycolysis compared to their normal counterpart cells, termed melanocytes, which would be expected due to the Warburg effect.
The lower efficiency of pheromone applied in December was caused by factors related to behavior and population dynamics of the target species (Carde and Minks 1995; Moschos et al.
(17) "Eademmet die manumissionem aliquot Tartarorum, qui justo bello inter Sinas, et Moschos in seruitutem redacti fuerant, a Moscuo Oratore efflagitaui, omniumque libertatem tam cito obtinui, quam petii" (Ibidem, pp.
Assessing the prospects for community-based wildlife management: the Himalayan musk deer (Moschos chrysogaster) in Nepal.
Karfakis and Moschos (1990), Katsimbris and Miller (1993), and Kirchgassner and Wolters (1995), using a bivariate cointegration approach, find no evidence of interest rate convergence within the European Monetary System (EMS).
Moschos, Ph.D., and her colleagues at the University of Athens found "a significant anatomical and functional impairment, marked by a decrease in macular and retinal nerve fiber layer thickness as well as a decrease in electrical activity in the macula," among women with a history of anorexia or bulimia.
More than 40% of the Se in human plasma is bound to selenoprotein P (SelP) (Moschos 2000).