Morton, Thomas George

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Morton, Thomas George

U.S. surgeon, 1835–1903.

Morton neuralgia

Pain in the metatarsal area due to a fallen transverse arch with pressure on the lateral plantar nerve.
See: metatarsalgia

Morton neuroma

A neuroma-like mass of the neurovascular bundle of the intermetatarsal spaces.
Synonym: interdigital neuropathy
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Thomas George, U.S. physician, 1835-1903.
Morton bandage
Morton disease - Synonym(s): Morton neuralgia
Morton foot - Synonym(s): Morton neuralgia
Morton interdigital neuroma
Morton nerve entrapment syndrome - Synonym(s): Morton neuralgia
Morton neuralgia - neuralgia of an interdigital nerve. Synonym(s): Morton disease; Morton foot; Morton neuroma; Morton nerve entrapment syndrome; Morton toe
Morton neuroma - Synonym(s): Morton neuralgia
Morton ophthalmoscope
Morton sign
Morton test
Morton toe - Synonym(s): Morton neuralgia
Morton toe support
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