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Ashton B., 20th-century Irish pathologist in the U.S. See: Verner-Morrison syndrome.
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The Morrison Collection, as well as the main collection of written works in the Toyo Bunko, papers and so on, and the Morrison Pamphlets, also includes Morrison's archive diaries, letters and other written materials, such as notebooks, name cards, and various items that he used in everyday life, which are stored in the New South Wales State Library in Sydney, Australia (Mitchell Library).
Part one is made up of four essays that explore the concept of belonging and lay bare the literary framework taking into account the humanist and modernist approach that Morrison's work encompasses.
The immediate result was the song Brown-Eyed Girl, which became a Top 10 hit and prompted Bang to release a collection of Morrison's songs as the album Blowin' Your Mind.
The book's "Life and Contexts" section will thus prove enormously useful for undergraduates seeking to grasp the larger historical and cultural movements in the second half of the twentieth century that shaped Morrison's aesthetics.
The collection's first two essays, Keren Omry's "Baldwin's Bop 'N' Morrison's Mood: Bebop and Race in James Baldwin's Another Country and Toni Morrison's Jazz," and Anna Kerchy's "Narrating the Beat of the Heart, Jazzing the Text of Desire: A Comparative Interface of James Baldwin's Another Country and Toni Morrison's Jazz," examine the authors' approaches to subject position and narrative construction, emphasizing parallels in the ways in which Baldwin and Morrison use music (bebop and jazz) simultaneously as theme and as a mode of narrative structure.
Now Gilmour has enlisted the help of the British Boxing Board of Control supremo Simon Block to fight Morrison's case for being installed in third spot in the European rankings.
William Morrison's takeover of the ailing Safeway supermarket chain is going to work after all.
The words and images ebb and flow like a tide, rich with the beauty of Morrison's voice.
Experimental filmmaker Bill Morrison's recent show, which centered on the feature-length Decasia, 2002, fell into alignment with this convergence; Morrison's films, which use decayed footage as medium and metaphor, elegize the avantgarde tradition even as they make the case for its continued relevance.
The question that leaps to mind when visiting Allies and Morrison's new offices in Southwark, is why does this not look like an Allies and Morrison building?
Morrison's new bid is only slightly higher than its original offer, but it contains a significant 634 [pounds sterling] million cash element.