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Ernst, German physician, 1874-1951. See: Moro reflex.
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En esta guerra los moros apoyaron a los nobles y al virrey.
Los desembarques de cangrejos moros que se reportan en Venezuela son una mezcla de varias de estas especies.
The march was led by outgoing Municipal Mayor Alfredo Singcoy to symbolize the unity in diversity of the town's tri-people-the Moros, dominated by the Maguindanaon tribe, the Blaan indigenous people and the Visayan Christian settlers.
In his speech, Duterte said that Islam evangelists were the first to come to the Philippines before the Spaniards and that the Moros could have defended the country from the Spanish conquistadors.
The President has repeatedly promised Moros that untapped oil reserves at Liguasan Marsh in Maguindanao would not be touched by the government.
The lower leg bones of Moros were discovered in the same area where she had previously found Siats meekerorum, a giant meat-eating carcharodontosaur that lived during the same period.
The Moros refuse to accept being Filipinos because they were never conquered and the Filipinos did not want to be Moros because these are the villains and monsters in all the moro-moros in fiestas and sermons in those 333 years.
"There's really no Muslim-Filipinos per se because (the term) Muslim is actually a religious identification,' he explained, suggesting how to properly address the Moros.