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Ernst, German physician, 1874-1951. See: Moro reflex.
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Moro's Mohammed Sabunchi and Suresh Chandrasekharan, Chief Solutions Architect at RheinBrE-cke, explained the modalities of the partnership and its impact on the digitalisation efforts in the region's mid-market enterprise space.
It is perhaps no wonder that customers are turning to these providers for some of the most important aspects of their digital transformation, because both Moro and Virtustream have significant factors in their favour.
A statement made by Sergio Moro also did not directly contradict the claims but rather accused the publication of "sensationalism" and taking the information "out of context".
Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) chair Al Haj Murad Ebrahim (AFP PHOTO / TED ALJIBE / MANILA BULLETIN)
The summit will cater 100 young leaders from the grounds who advocate in promoting Moro and non-Moro community developments.
The PCOO said Moro leaders expressed 'sincere interests' for change and peace in Mindanao 'mainly through a federal type of government,' and agreed that a federal system was the best alternative because it would allow the Moro community to integrate, rather than be divided by religion.
Las poblaciones de estudio estuvieron conformada por 50 y 108 huertos frutales con lucuma, ubicados respectivamente en las zonas de El Moro y Yautan (Figura 1).
According to MILF Joint Normalisation Committee (JNC) head secretariat Toks Ebrahim, the formation of the first JPST was concrete proof of the gains of the peace negotiations between the government and the Moro rebels.
202 km transmission line will be constructed from Jamshoro to Moro under Lot -I, whereas 232 km long transmission from Dadu - Moro to Goth Qazi Mahar under Lot-II and 166 km transmission line will be constructed from Goth Qazi Mahar to Rahim Yar Khan under Lot -III.
The book has comfortably secured a space in Moro's best- sellers list already with a humongous response to its Indian version.