Morgagni foramen hernia

ret·ro·ster·nal her·ni·a

herniation through the sternocostal foramen (foramen of Morgagni), the opening for the superior epigastric vessels; herniation of omentum and intestines may occur.
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Mor·ga·gni for·a·men her·ni·a

(mōr-gahn'yē fōr-ā'mĕn hĕr'nē-ă)
A congenital anterior, retrosternal hernia of abdominal contents, most often only omentum but occasionally stomach, usually through the right retrosternal Morgagni foramen, through which the internal thoracic artery passes to become the superior epigastric artery; often asymptomatic.
Synonym(s): parasternal hernia.
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