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Montgomery glands/tubercles or Morgagni tubercles are rooted, small papillary processes in periareolar region and probably play a role in lactation.
(2) Anatomik yerlesimine gore Posterolateral (Bochdalek), anterior (Morgagni) ve santral olmak uzere/uc gruba ayrilir.
Bochdalek hernisi erken bulgu verirken, Morgagni ve hiatal herni daha gec donemde bulgu vermektedir (2).
When the finding was torsion of hydatid (Morgagni) cyst; most of both groups 35 PS (90%) and 17 PU (85%) did not fix the contralateral testis.
Rausei S, Ruspi L, Rosa F, Morgagni P, Marrelli D, Cossu A, et al.
In the 18 (th) century, when Morgagni documented that splenectomy does not lead to death, total splenectomy became the gold standard in treatment of splenic hydatid disease (20).
Diaphragmatic hernia through the foramen of Morgagni: laparoscopic repair case report.
Despite trailing by three goals, manager Colin Caton believes the tie is very much alive after seeing his side enjoy the bulk of possession and carve enough chances in the first meeting at the Stadio Tullo Morgagni. "Everyone was angry and frustrated as the score did not reflect the game," he said.
Ultra-thin sections were examined with a Morgagni 268 transmission electron microscope (FEI, Hillsboro, OR, USA) at an accelerating voltage of 80 kV.
The first patient with nasal tuberculosis was documented by the Italian anatomist Giovanni Battista Morgagni (1) who studied the impact of tuberculosis in the human body.