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Benedict A., French psychiatrist, 1809-1873. See: Morel ear, Stewart-Morel syndrome.
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A dealer of mushrooms in Shahi Bazaar, Haji Wali Khan, told this correspondent that due to the heavy rainfall in winter and early spring season the morels produce this time was much higher than the preceding years.
My mom knew how to store morels long-term, so she cooked and froze my share.
memory, with the Morels' unhappy marriage and the solace afforded
Rangers at Crater Lake National Park seized 234 pounds of morel mushrooms - potentially worth thousands of dollars - over the Fourth of July weekend, the park's top ranger said Monday.
During our current survey, different soil samples from morels growing point were collected and analyzed for the physical and chemical features.
Figure 1A sets the scene for what proves to be the tragedy of the marriage of Walter Morel and Gertrude Coppard.
Ponderosa is offering both fresh morels and fresh porcinis in 3.5-, 6- and 8-ounce packaging.
Splash dry white wine Method: Pour just enough boiling water over the morels to cover.
5 ounces halved morel mushrooms plus 4 whole morels, rinsed
Washington, Mar 4 (ANI): A researcher at Oregon State University and her team has published one of the most detailed genetic analyses ever done on morels or mushrooms, to help identify their ancestry, show how they evolved and what conservation policies may be needed to manage and protect this valuable resource.
This was the first time at a Welsh meeting that a female had been victorious and it was a good day for the Morels as her father, Ralph Elliot Morel, had won both the heavyweight and lightweight races.