Morbid Fear of Becoming Mad

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In my extreme distress of mind, I have a morbid fear of misdirecting you; but even if I am in error, you may know the right drawer by its contents: some powders, a phial and a paper book.
There was hardly a bite in the autumn air, but Cronshaw had a morbid fear of draughts and even in the warmest weather sat inside.
I grew up with a morbid fear of chameleons thanks to terrifying myths shared by those around me.
Our Eastern Command had a morbid fear of the Indians passing on a captured piece of territory to the Muktis who would plant their flag declaring it Bangladesh, which would be recognised instantly by India.
MAM, having a morbid fear of lateness and of any form of ill-preparedness, had been up since the early hours of the morning, cutting sandwiches filled with tinned salmon, or cheese, or jam, and wrapping them, separately according to filling, into little cooking foil parcels.
com PS: If all this Halloween hokum is too much for you, you obviously suffer from samhainophobia - the morbid fear of Halloween.
It is becoming impossible for Radiologists to continue practicing with the morbid fear of unfair prosecution under PC & PNDT Act.
As a child, I had such a morbid fear of death that I would often go to sleep thinking I would never wake up-and if I did, I would wake up in hell.
Back then he had a morbid fear of people dressed in large-headed character costumes.
A sense of shock at what they have done accompanied by shame and the morbid fear of social ostracism prevents them from acknowledging their identity publicly.
Patient expressed a morbid fear of becoming fat, but there were no delusional body image disturbances.
PANTOPRAGMATIC A Logical attitude B Morbid fear of everything C Meddling in everybody's business who am I?