Morbid Fear of Becoming Mad

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In my extreme distress of mind, I have a morbid fear of misdirecting you; but even if I am in error, you may know the right drawer by its contents: some powders, a phial and a paper book.
There was hardly a bite in the autumn air, but Cronshaw had a morbid fear of draughts and even in the warmest weather sat inside.
Respect is not the same thing as a morbid fear of someone because of the position he occupies in authority over us and the attendant possibility of his sanctioning us for any infraction.
Opponents have a morbid fear of seeing Gor Mahia occupy top spot in the Kenyan Premier League and it is understandable why.
Thomas reminds us that sometimes, our morbid fear of suffering can itself be a cause of unhappiness.
In Illinois, however, the top fear apparently is autophobia -- or, the morbid fear of isolation or abandonment.
A nuclear power station is able to produce energy for around 30 or 40 years, then it has to be mothballed, forever Cbnet Radiophobia - a morbid fear of ionising radiation.
You approached the test with the morbid fear of failing and rolling backwards, probably ending up injured, disqualified from the driving school, and condemned to a life without a driving licence.
Senior policymakers and military leaders were sensitive to France's morbid fear of a rearmed Germany and hence devised initiatives which acknowledged these sensibilities.
The English obsession with training grounds stems mainly from a morbid fear of what boredom might do to the players.
While the meetings are open to all expectant women and their partners, Jessica feels they will be particularly helpful to tokophobic women (those suffering a morbid fear of childbirth) and those without a support network around them.