Moraxella osloensis

Mor·ax·el·la os·lo·en·'sis

a bacterial species found in the genitourinary tract, blood, spinal and chest fluids, and nose; rarely found in the respiratory tract; usually not pathogenic, although some strains have been isolated from serious pathologic conditions in humans.
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CICC 23952 Kocuria (2) Kocuria carniphila analysis CICC 23997 Kocuria rosea or Kocuria polaris or Kocuria himachalensis CICC 23990 Micrococcus (2) Micrococcus lylae CICC 23993 Micrococcus lylae CICC 24020 Moraxella (1) Moraxella osloensis CICC 24043 Paenibacillus (1) Paenibacillus lactis CICC 23976 Staphylococcus (2) Staphylococcus hominis CICC 23992 Staphylococcus warneri Strain No.
Location ([dagger]) Microorganism cases deaths ([paragraph]) California, Staphylococcus 5 ND USA aureus Illinois, USA Candida albicans 4 0 Maine, USA Moraxella osloensis 2 0 Michigan, USA S.
7 Moraxella catarrhalis 1 Moraxella osloensis 1 Morganella morganii 2 Mycobacterium chelonae 1 Mycobacterium fortuitum 1 Neisseria elongata 1 Neisseria sicca 1 Pantoea sp.
The same infusion pump, syringe, and propofol preparation were used in the two patients; cultures of the propofol solution infusing at the time of the second patient's reactions grew Moraxella osloensis, and endotoxin assays using the Limulus amebocyte lysate assay method detected 3900-5000 ng/mL of endotoxin.
To the Editor: Moraxella osloensis is an aerobic, gram-negative, lactose-nonfermenting coccobacillus.
Moraxella osloensis blood and catheter infections during anticancer chemotherapy: clinical and microbiologic studies of 10 cases.