Sauveur F., French surgeon, 1697-1773. See: Morand foot, Morand spur.
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As far as one can make out, not so much from this unintelligible sentence as from the attempts the vice-King made to execute the orders given him, he was to advance from the left through Borodino to the redoubt while the divisions of Morand and Gerard were to advance simultaneously from the front.
After passing through Borodino the vice-King was driven back to the Kolocha and could get no farther; while the divisions of Morand and Gerard did not take the redoubt but were driven back, and the redoubt was only taken at the end of the battle by the cavalry (a thing probably unforeseen and not heard of by Napoleon).
Exhibitors know it's important to put their best foot forward in Chicago by bringing the latest vehicles, building world-class displays and providing interactive activities within their exhibits to keep show-goers engaged longer, said Jennifer Morand, director of public relations and social media for the Chicago Automobile Trade Association.
le Fort morand, qui servait de poste de commandement et de surveillance afin de prparer la colonisation du Sud, fait l'objet d'une opration de restauration pour prserver la mmoire de la lutte de la population locale contre l'invasion franaise.
Mine Action Service, led by Henri-Francois Morand, also attended the event, alongside officers from the Lebanon Mine Action Center, which operates under the auspices of the Lebanese Army.
As a diplomat Morand traveled extensively around the world.
Citada por Ginette Guitand en su libro Paul Morand (1888-1976).
Recostado sobre la cama, Hector Morand (interpretado por el actor espanol Francisco Rabal) lee en voz alta el relato "Continuidad de los parques" de Julio Cortazar.
Nos hemos concentrado, sin embargo, en aquellas que intentan explicar aspectos ecologicos-biogeograficos-evolutivos: una vez establecida la relacion se observa que la historia de los parasitos puede ser congruente con la historia evolutiva de los hospedadores (Page, 2003) y que las caracteristicas del area de distribucion geografica de los hospedadores determinan el establecimiento de los parasitos (Poulin y Morand, 2004).
Frederique Morand has noted that the debate over Maria Gertrudis Hore's religious vocation, or lack thereof, has been a significant theme in Hore's historiography.
I've gained a lot of condence gained a lot of condenc"I've and I've become morand I've become more mature.
The other chemist who helmed the 36-year-old institution was Peter Morand, a former chemistry professor who led NSERC from 1990 to 1995.