Hermann, Swiss pathologist in Mexico, 1891-1971. See: Mooser bodies.
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Alan Hewison An open look to this handicap but perhaps Lakemilan can record a second course win, bottomweight Das Mooser a likely big threat if he gets his way a soft lead.
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3.40: ALPHA MALE (Mr B O'Neill, 2-1) 1; Premier King (20-1) 2; Das Mooser (7-4f) 3.
According to Andreas Mooser, second author of the study and member of RIKEN FSL, "Looking forward, using this technique, we will be able to make similarly precise measurements of the antiproton at the BASE experiment in CERN, and this will allow us to look for further hints for why there is no antimatter in the universe today."
"It is also planned to tune the magnetic field to even higher homogeneity, which will reduce additional sources of systematic error," explains BASE member Andreas Mooser. "The methods that will be pioneered in the next step of this experiment will have immediate positive feedback to future BASE measurements, for example in improving the precision in the antiproton-to-proton charge-to-mass ratio."
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Along with RYOT co-founder Bryn Mooser, Swenson led negotiations of the acquisition of the company, which was bought by AOL earlier this year to become a part of The Huffington Post.
The Brooke Wilberger Scholarship of $2,500 went to Adreanna Jones and Shana Orme; the Montgomery GI Bill for $33,213 went to Jonathan Phillips; the 2016 Friends of the Library for $500 went to Jasmine Garcial; the OSEA Scholarship for $1,250 went to Alex Olsen; and the Michael Mooser Scholarship of $750 for two years went to Finn King and Josie Hedenstrom.