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Albert, German ophthalmologist, 1828-1899. See: Mooren ulcer.
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Narrative futuring, however, presents an alternative in which the future can become, at least partially, an experience (Sools et al., "Mapping Letters from the Future", Tromp, and Mooren).
However, opinions of the clinical utility of PRP vary (Sanchez et al., 2003; Gurbuzer et al., 2008) as a large number of experimental studies have questioned its efficacy (Gerard et al., 2006; Mooren ett al., 2007; Plachokova ett al, 2008; Oliveira Filho et al., 2010).
There have been cases of association between peripheral corneal ulcers and Mooren's ulcer and viral hepatitis [2, 3].
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Mooren y colaboradores (34), despues de utilizar PRP entre el 2 % y el 8 %, afirman que no hay relacion directa entre el numero de plaquetas y los factores de crecimiento liberados a partir de ellas y que concentraciones mas altas pueden generar apoptosis.
In this study, the most common cause of corneal ulcer or perforation was immunologic causes (54.5%, four Mooren's ulcer, three blepharitis keratitis conjunctivitis, two Wegener granulomatosis, one benign mucosal pemphigoid, one rheumatoid arthritis, and one Stevens-Johnson syndrome).