Moore, Matthew T.

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Matthew T., U.S. neuropsychiatrist, 1901–.
Moore syndrome - painful abdominal symptoms that may be followed by seizures. Synonym(s): abdominal epilepsy; visceral epilepsy
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Rural Affairs Minister Margaret Beckett is fighting off claims that her officials are suffering from "Jo Moore syndrome" over the BSE fiasco.
Yesterday, the Tories called on Beckett to apologise and said it proved "Jo Moore Syndrome" was endemic in Whitehall.
The Conservatives said the latenight release of the findings confirmed that "Jo Moore syndrome is endemic in Whitehall".
The Conservatives had called on Ms Beckett to apologise and said it proved 'Jo Moore Syndrome' was endemic in Whitehall - after the spin doctor who suggested September 11 was a good day to bury bad news.
Shadow Rural Affairs Secretary Peter Ainsworth said: "The despicable way in which the publication of the findings was handled confirms that the Jo Moore Syndrome is endemic in Whitehall."